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Organizing Photos


Happy New Year! It’s the time of year where we reset and get organized and if your photos are all over the place (phone, computer, facebook, email…) then read on to get your photos organized for the new year!

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Cloud Based Storage, access from anywhere!

First of all, I recommend a cloud based storage system to have easy access to your images at all times. I use Dropbox which is great for sharing and storing my photos and files. You can download the app to your phone and have it automatically upload your photos. This has saved me on more than one occasion from accidentally deleting my files forever! This is also great for sharing files with design partners and clients. You can access all your files from your computer, phone, iPad, etc. Deleting all those photos from your phone clears up some space and can even help it to run faster.

Organize Folders

I organize my photo files first by year>then month>then event so for example: 2018>January>New Year Post

For client or work related projects, I organize them by year, then client name.

I also create “special folders” for kids artwork and projects. I can some, but not all. I used to keep the kids projects in a pile to scan and that was always a very daunting task. Now, I simply take a quick pic of the artwork with my phone and then add it to the folder. You can also organize these by year or school year. Example: Child’s Name Artwork>1st Grade

When using your phone, the default filename will be the date you took the photo. This is especially helpful for organizing and cataloging your files later!

I hope you find these tips helpful. If you have any specific questions be sure to leave them in the comments. I have more blog posts scheduled for the next few weeks that will provide more ideas for your photos!

Dawn DeVoe is a professional graphic designer and photographer located in Bel Air, Maryland. She is available for freelance design projects and photography sessions throughout the Harford and Baltimore areas. With nearly 20 years experience in the industry, she excels at all aspects of the creative process from concept to completed art. Please inquire for availability and rates.

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