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Logo Design for Organizations

Logo Design for Organizations


Logo Design for Organizations:

Today I’m sharing 2 examples of logo design for organizations. The first is for a collection of needed goods to support the homeless. The second shows an organization that works with local schools to create a fundraising program.

Cupcakes + Care:

Logo Design for Organizations

This example shows how a local bakery is collecting items for the homeless. Flavor Cupcakery partnered with Welcome One Emergency Shelter to provide a way for their customers to donate the items that are in most need.

We created the logo and a post card that outlines the program. The logo portrays a donations bag with items collected. The “+” symbol was used instead of an “&” as the “+” portrays aid. The post card describes the collaboration shows an infographic of the items they are collecting:

Logo Design for Organizations

I think that it is an awesome way to give back and work together as a community!

Save Raiser:

This example shows a logo design for an organization that partners with schools, sports teams, organizations, etc. and sells via online a digital discount membership card. The logo portrays the “raising” in the lift of the logo. The card shows the logo and is customized at the time of purchase.

Logo Design for Organizations

Logo Design for Organizations

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