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Keep it Simple, Design Mantra


I’m a big fan of keeping it simple—especially when it comes to design materials. If you try to provide too much information, you’re likely to lose your viewer without getting your message across. When working on copy for your marketing, keep the following in mind:

  1. Is this info absolutely necessary? You will definitely include your contact information, especially your website, so try to keep your info straight and to the point! Viewers can always visit your website for more information.
  2. Pinpoint your mission. Is it a special offer? A promotion? Decide what you are trying to achieve from the marketing piece and work your content exclusively for that.
  3. Target Audience. Who will be interested? Tailor your marketing to your audience.
  4. Use large, eye-catching photos. Larger photos have more of an impact than several small photos. Try to incorporate all the above into your image use as well!
  5. Utilize your brand. Viewers will come to recognize you by your style and brand personality. Keep everything as consistent as possible.

I hope you find this info helpful when putting together your marketing. Whether it be a brochure, mailer, promo piece or ad, the above tips will help you get your message across!

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